Easter 365

     In many ways, I think the Sunday after Easter has to probably be one of the most confusing days for the Risen Savior. On Easter Sunday the crowds swell even if they are online – lol, and yet the Sunday after Easter is generally one of the lowest attended/viewed Sundays of the year. Where did everybody go? Did Jesus go back into the tomb the day after Resurrection Sunday? Is He less powerful, less forgiving, or less worthy on April 19 than He was on April 12 of 2020?
     I think we get a glimpse of the answer in John 21. Peter and the disciples had been to the empty tomb and knew it was empty, they had seen the Risen Savior, and they believed (John 20:8,18,28). You would think you would see them heading out to tell others the great news. Nope, instead you see them going on a bad fishing trip. They went BACK to the familiar, with what they knew, and where they were most comfortable. And then Jesus shows up and basically asks them – how’s that working for you? Are you catching anything? Seeing any results with that?…….What if you cast on the other side of the boat and try it my way? And these professional fishermen who had fished all night and caught ZERO, followed the command of Jesus and had such a harvest they had to get help just to get it all to shore. Peter immediately got it – this HAD to be Jesus. And so Peter jumped in the water and swam to the One that alone has this kind of power.
     I believe this is exactly what Jesus would have US to do in 2020. We can go on about our business after Easter Sunday – back to what we know, back to the familiar, and back to where we are comfortable…..BUT we will see little if any lasting results. What if instead we follow the example of Peter and jump out of our comfort zone and join Jesus in accomplishing the supernatural after Easter Sunday? What if instead of Easter being a DAY, Easter becomes a LIFESTYLE? Jesus is just as much RISEN today as He was on Sunday. The Tomb is STILL empty. Let’s live a lifestyle of Easter 365 days a year in 2020!