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Do you Need a Healing Touch from The Lord?

     As many of you know, for the past four months I have been dealing with a large re-herniation of a disc in my back at L5-S1. Since July, I have been continually on 3 different medicines, and had 3 spinal injections. During this process, I have prayed consistently for God to heal this, and if at all possible that I might not have a second back surgery. I long to cry out as David did in Psalm 30:2, “O Lord my God, I cried out to You, And you healed me.”  The Lord has taught me a great deal during this time that I hope might encourage you today.


A Season of Thanks

Would you be willing to participate in a Season of Thanks this month? The goal is simply to read 5 Psalms per day, and therefore to finish the book of Psalms in the month of November. The Psalms have been such a source of encouragement to my heart through the highs and lows of life.