Peace This Way!

     Psalm 4 is only 8 verses but VERY powerful. David is incredibly stressed out in verse 1 (“in my distress”), but by verse 8 is resting peacefully (“lie down in peace, and sleep). And get this – his circumstances haven’t changed AT ALL!
What did David do to move so far in such a short time? How can we get on this Road to Peace today during this time of change and uncertainty?
Here are the 3 Keys straight from God’s Word to get us on the Fast Track to Peace Today:

  Key #1 – Supplication (3) – “hear when I call to Him”

     Supplication simply means crying out to God in prayer? My mother in law used to say, “Go to the THRONE before the PHONE”. What a tip for today! We have 168 hours this week with most of them free to spend with The Lord. Are we taking advantage of this opportunity? Let’s not waste this time. David cried out to the Lord in prayer. Have you cried out to God over this situation? David recalls the past faithfulness of The Lord. Think about the things today that God has brought you through that are bigger than what you are facing today. And David expected God to act. Are you praying with expectation for God to move?


Key #2 – Stillness (4) – “and be still”
     “Be Angry” in verse 4 is better translated “Tremble”. Literally, fear the Lord and His awesome power. It means to take time and Be Still before the Lord (Psalm 46:10). It means remembering that our God is much bigger than Covid-19. Let’s take our eyes off of this virus and put our focus on our God. He is Greater!
Key #3 – Surrender (5) –“put your trust in the Lord”
     David completely turned the situation over to The Lord. He is declaring – I don’t know what the future hold, but I know who holds the future. Instead of trying harder, I am going to trust more!
Final thought – Sometimes God changes the situation of the person, but most times God changes the person in the situation! Let’s follow David’s example in Psalm 4 and get on the Road to Peace today!